Craftsmanship - Old Original

The foundation of our studio is our commitment to traditional European craftsmanship and materials.  Pursing this vision had us crisscrossing Europe, visiting historic leather manufacturing centers and tanneries to find the combination of suppliers and craftsman that would help us in our goal. 


We start with selecting the materials that best reflect our vision and commitment to craftsmanship and quality.  Our leathers are sourced from award-winning Italian tanneries and are chosen for both their luxurious qualities and their performance under daily wear-and-tear.  We also ensure that the tanneries we work with operate with sustainability in mind. 

Photo of leather used in Verlein's Cinch Collection

Close up of a custom D-Ring used in Verlein Crossbody bags

Our hardware is likewise all sourced from European suppliers.  In the case of our debut Cinch collection we have used both Italian and Spanish suppliers.  Our obsessive attention to detail pushed us to develop custom hardware for all of our products. 

To bring our pieces to life, we turned to the small Andalusian town of Ubrique, whose artisans have been crafting leather goods for centuries.  Our products are all hand-made in small workshops that also supply some of the best-known brands in the world:


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Photo of landscape around Ubrique
Craftsman working on a Verlein Julia Tote Bag Here, a craftsman works on one of our Jet-Black Julia Tote Bags.
This craftswoman is working on the straps to a Chocolate Brown Julia Tote Bag, having completed the Emerald Green and Jet Black versions seen around her.   Ubrique Craftswoman working on Verlein Julia Tote Bag
Working on the Verlein Inés Coinpurse
In the background you see a craftsman working on an Emerald Green Inés Coinpurse.   In the foreground, Jet-Black and Chocolate Brown Inés Coinpurses ready for the next step in production. 


As our studio grows and as we bring more pieces to life we will continue to follow our guiding principles of using traditional European craftsmanship and materials, and will continue to be transparent on where we source materials and where we produce our pieces.