Sustainable and ethical practices

Our commitment to sustainable business practices influences each decision made, from material sourcing to production and delivery. We’re dedicated to an ethical operating approach that improves both our environmental and social impact.

At VERLEIN we are committed to working only with high-quality European leather workshops. This means the workshops producing our products adhere to EU standards on health and safety at work, equal opportunities for men and women, protection against discrimination and child-labour practices, and strong labour laws.

We carefully source our leather from Italian and Spanish tanneries who are committed to environmental stewardship. 

In addition to ethical sourcing and production, our packaging reflects our sustainable practices by eliminating plastic and utilising recyclable or biodegradable materials.

Leather Working Group

All of the tanneries we source leather form are reviewed by the Leather Working Group. The supplier of our pebbled-grain and suede leathers is one of the few to earn LWG's Gold certification, the highest score possible.

Leather Working Group is a not-for-profit organisation responsible for the world's leading environmental certification for the leather manufacturing industry. 

Since 2005, LWG has identified environmental best practices in the industry and provided guidelines for continual improvement.  The LWG also provides a suite of auditing tools to assess the environmental performance of leather manufacturing facilities, and certify those that meet those standards. .

Blauer Engel

Blauer Engel, the German government certification, proves the ecological quality of the leathers produced by the tannery that supplies our pebble-grain and suede leathers. Blauer Engel-certified products further protect the environment and the health of people thanks to a series of tangible benefits:

- Lower consumption of water during the various production phases;use of raw materials produced in a sustainable fashion.

- Sound use of resources during the production or disposal phases.

- Absence of harmful effects on the health and the environment because of the low of emissions.

- Easy to recycle.

DHL GoGreen

For shipments via DHL Express, we are also pleased to include DHL Go-Green shipping service at no extra cost. The DHL GoGreen program offsets shipping-related greenhouse gas emissions through DHL's investments in internationally recognised climate protection projects.

DHL sets high standards and selects projects based not only on their CO2 offset potential but also on the benefits brought to local communities. This means that the climate-neutral GoGreen Service does not just offset emissions. DHL also makes a contribution to promoting the economy in less developed countries and improving the lives of local people.